Elevator Services

Specialized Elevator Services makes it easy for you to put proper elevator maintenance protocols in place, to keep your equipment running in optimal condition. We provide elevator service, repair, modernization, and remodeling, along with rapid, reliable response to unexpected service events.

Elevator Service

Our elevator service plans give you the right choices to keep your equipment running in optimal operating condition.  We can customize your service levels and service intervals to create a service plan that meets your needs. Our elevator service programs help extend the life of your equipment and minimize equipment downtime through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and system checkups.

Elevator Repair

The highly skilled repair crews at Specialized Elevator Services average more than 25 years of industry experience, servicing nearly every elevator make and model – including Fujitec, Kone, Otis, Schindler, and thyssenkrupp elevators. From elevator panel replacement, to elevator motor replacement and more, our repair and dispatch teams are known for responsive customer service and professionalism. Our in-house parts inventory keeps repair-related downtime to a minimum.

Need to schedule a repair? Select a location for priority scheduling.

Elevator Modernization

Elevator modernization can eliminate the capital expense of a new elevator, while saving energy, improving safety, and enhancing your elevator’s appearance. Specialized Elevator Services is qualified to perform all types of elevator upgrades and modernization projects, from the most basic upgrades to elaborate renovations of both hydraulic and traction elevator systems. Our teams have installed and modernized thousands of elevator systems, ranging from single elevators to sophisticated multi-car destination dispatch applications.

Fixtures & Interiors
We offer turnkey design and installation services to renovate the interior or fixtures of any elevator.

ADA Compliance
We can make all necessary modifications to any elevator as required to ensure ADA compliance.

Elevator Restoration
We have the in-house expertise to restore original elevator fixtures and components to comply with historical requirements.

Elevator Cab Remodel

Give new life to your elevators with elevator cab remodeling that includes elevator interiors, ceilings, handrails, doors and jambs, glass panels, flooring, and more. Let us help you turn a simple elevator cab remodel project into a focal point of your building, enhancing the experience for tenants and visitors.

Inspection And Compliance Testing

Whenever an elevator is newly installed or reactivated — or modernization work is completed — a state safety inspection is required. This ensures that the device meets applicable Elevator Safety Orders and complies with applicable design parameters.

Re-inspections are normally conducted on an annual basis. Re-inspections are required in order to review the activity and maintenance of the device, and to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Orders.

Specialized Elevator Services has Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanics (CCCM) who are licensed and certified to ensure compliance in accordance with state guidelines. If you have a time-sensitive requirement for inspection-related service, please call us at (562) 407-1200.

Green Energy Products & Services

Specialized Elevator Services offers innovative ways for building owners to save money with energy saving products and services.

Solid State Starters
This small but highly efficient modernization technique pays for itself with improved reliability, reduced energy usage, and motor overload protection.

Regenerative Drives
We are specialists in the installation of regenerative drives on traction elevators, which allow the production of electrical power that is put back onto the grid.  By eliminating motor generators, we can help improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

LED Lighting Upgrades
The right elevator lighting can reduce energy, and lower operating costs. In fact, LED lighting uses significantly less energy and can last 16 times longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamps. What’s more, today’s LED solutions offer better quality of light, with less ultraviolet and infrared radiation.