Advantages of working with an independent elevator service company.

  • Local Service
  • In-Office Dispatch
  • Nonproprietary Parts
  • Custom Repairs  
  • Technicians You Know (And Who Know You…)

Getting stuck with the wrong elevator service company can cost more than it should – not only in time and money, but also in the quality of building services you provide to tenants and visitors. By choosing a highly reputable, local, independent elevator service company, you can avoid some of the potential pitfalls of working with a large, multinational elevator manufacturer. You’ll be celebrating your elevator independence with several key advantages, including lower costs, higher service levels, and increased accountability.

Local Service
It goes without saying, but it’s worth a ton of consideration – hiring a local, independent elevator service provider means you’ll be doing business with a company based in the local community, with a real local office, a local management team, and technicians and dispatchers who are ready to respond to local needs.  With a large elevator manufacturer, you won’t necessarily get that local touch. Depending on the way their service organizations are structured, these large, global companies don’t always provide a robust local office presence.

In-Office Dispatch
When a problem arises with one of your elevators, a service call is in order, and a timely response is expected. When you call one of the large, multinational elevator companies (presumably the one who manufactured your equipment), you may be speaking with someone across the country, or half a world away, who puts your order out to the field and then waits for a response. Calling a local elevator company, on the other hand, will put you in touch with a local, dedicated dispatcher, inside the company, who knows where their technicians are at every moment, and has personal knowledge of your location. Rather than waiting for a call-center dispatcher to get back to you in hours or even the next day, you’ll have an immediate answer on when a technician will be on-site.

Nonproprietary Parts
When you choose to have your elevators modernized by a large, original equipment manufacturer, you’re locked in to using their proprietary, branded parts – usually at a steep price compared to high-quality, third-party parts and components. Doing business with a local, independent elevator company allows you to benefit from competitive prices and immediate availability of nonproprietary parts – and ensures that anyone can work on your systems in the future.

Custom Repairs
With a local elevator company, you’ll benefit from having a depth of experience and knowledge on staff – including dedicated technicians who know your equipment. When it comes time for repairs, you’ll find a higher degree of flexibility, instead of just a one-size-fits-all solution. Your independent representative will have more latitude in presenting various repair and service options to you, and in answering your questions during the decision-making process.

Technicians You Know (Who Know You)
Last but not least, when you choose a local, independent elevator company to maintain your equipment, you’ll benefit from having a dedicated technician who personally knows your elevators inside and out, and who has the ability to do what’s best for the customer, instead of what’s demanded by the home office. Why replace an entire door system, when only a few parts will fix the problem? Why pay for an entire modernization package, when a partial modernization may be adequate for your needs?

Choosing a local, independent elevator company can give you a number of advantages in the care and maintenance of your elevators — including faster response times, lower costs, greater flexibility, and technicians who know your equipment. It all adds up to the ability to do what’s right for the customer, without answering to a home office, or being told which parts must be replaced.

If you’d like more information on how local, independent elevator service can make a difference for you, please call us. We’ll answer your call – right here in our local office – and deliver a personal touch that helps you get more from your elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization programs.